Saturday, March 28, 2009

What is Christianity?

While going through reciepts{and other misc. things crammed into the file cabinet} this morning I came across this paper I had caried in my Bible for several years{not sure how it ended up in the file cabinet} anyway.... I thought it was still worth sharing
What is Christianity? *In the home it is kindness *In business it is honesty *In society it is courtesy *In work it is fairness *Toward the unfortunate it is pity *Toward the weak it is help *Toward the wicked it is resistance *Toward the strong it is trust *Toward the fortunate it is congratulations *Toward the penitent it is forgiveness *Toward God it is reverence and love
Then at the bottom of the page I have a little note *probably to me* that says:
"want what you already have"

{borrowed from homegrown Hospitality}

******Okay...back to tax stuff.....ugggggggh!******

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