Monday, March 24, 2008


What a beautiful Easter Day we had. A lil chilly with the wind...but no rain.....Not much green grass for the egg hunters either but still a pretty day. I got to take some pictures of Bre, Candace and Kayden.
And here they are........
Bre chose red for her Easter outfit this year......The hat was thrown in extra, but not part of the outfit originally. Pretty curls.....(I can't believe I am saying that since we both love straight hair, but for special occasions curls are nice) Got one of Candace too..... Kayden didn't quite know what to do with the eggs I don't think...... But he liked them..... What a darling look huh? AH-HAA...Eggs are for.....THROWING!!!!! OHHHHH-he's going down............lost his balance.......... Oh well, it's not so bad on the ground with the eggs...... Papa and Kayden...what a pair :) SISTER'S And a Black and White one just because I like it!!!!!! Hope yall enjoyed your Easter. Have a Wonderful Day!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tater Salads Egg

Last summer at our family reunion, my sisters nicknamed our lil darlin TATER SALAD :). They said we needed to feed him some more tater salad to fatten him up :). We all thought it was adorable and so that's what they call him. So this picture is for my sisters(and everyone else too). Here's our lil tater salad with egg. After all tater salad is much better with egg right? :)
Just can't seem to get enough pictures of him!!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Lil darlin'

WEll Sunday was the big day!! Kayden turned one year old!!! Sure doesn't seem like it's been a year already. He is still such a loveable lil darlin'. His birthday party was at the park. OOOOOHHH Chilly! Much too chilly for a party, but it turned out good. Here are some pictures of his big day. John Deere cake(of course)
Kayden's cake! Yummy......... Still Yummy....... still more yummy...... Present time. Kayden liked this part for about.....2 presents, then he was tired of it and just wanted to play with the toys, or bows, or box........
A new baseball too. Kayden loves balls!!!! A HUMMER......oooooohhhhhhhh He really liked swinging....I'll have to remember that and take him to go swing..... Kayden and his daddy playing on the merry*go*round......
Oh, what a day to remember...... So Very Sweet..........

Friday, March 14, 2008

Almost One !!!

Our lil darlin' Kayden is almost ONE, and he doesn't even know it. He's too busy being adventurous and touching all the things he couldn't before. He is such a sweetie. It is such a joy to watch him learn new things!! Babies are amazing little people. Got a shot of him and his mama the other day while they were here. Birthday pictures will be coming soon.
*****Children outgrow everything, but mommy's heart*****

Monday, March 10, 2008

The imagination of a child....

I just like this particular reason why......I just do :) FUNNY.....This one reminds me of Princess Diaries, when Mia was talking to her mom about her first "foot popping kiss" huh-hmmmmm, this mama isn't ready for talk about that yet! **A girl and her shoes, what a great combination!!**
Yesterday we had like 15 minutes to get some quick shots before church. We had such a busy afternoon but since it was so pretty we really wanted to take some pictures. After editing and dolling this one up a bit, Bree says the one below is her Magazine cover :) What an imagination huh?
(When we were taking this picture, we overheard a little boy, probably 10 or 11, saying"I could pose like that" ) How cute!!! I don't think his mom let him though :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I finally put some pictures on flickr. I've been meaning to for quite a while but I just didn't want to take the time to open an account(how lazy is that? :) Wow! the pictures load quick there. Anyway the link for my page on there is at the bottom under take a peek at this if ya want to look or click here www. Right now it's mostly the same ones I have on here but I will eventually put others on there. Just trying out the upload thing on there today.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Photo + Text =

Ahh...Another beautiful snowy day!!!!! What a wonderful week. Two week!!! I'm lovin' it!!!!!
Life is a Beautiful thing ....even without color Hmmmm...I've been asked several times before if I was going to start a photography business. My answer to that so far has been No...not right now, it's just a hobby. A very time consuming hobby!
But somewhere down the road , maybe sooner than later, or visa versa, I may do this for a business(a spare time business) Anyway while I was playing in Photoshop today, I came up with this for a future business card (if I ever need one). I also had the other one with Prop Me Up Photos on it but left off the phone number for the blog page version. Of course if I ever do start doing this for other people regularly there is a good chance that I will have lots of new photos by then and I will have to start all over again!!!
Thought I'd play around with some photos and add a little text to them. Makes for a whole new look sometimes.
Anyway, here are some of them I played with, adding text. Yes ,I know , I could have spent this day more wisely cleaning house, doing laundry(which I am) etc. But then I wouldn't be having this much fun playing with pictures .... right?
I love this one in color, but I absolutely LOVE black and white photos, so ther is one below in black and white!
Snowflakes make me happy too!!!!!!! My sweet little Bree....... She makes life beautiful for us........ And this one just says it all.......

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wooo-Hoooo We got snow!!!!!!!

We got snow today and I was so excited!!!!! I love the snow! Last time it snowed, Bree and I were both sick so we didn't get to enjoy it so today I think we tried to make up for it. We took a lot of fun pictures, and even built a small snowman. It's different...... We didn't have any coal(and I wasn't about to dig for rocks) and we were minus the carrot for the nose but we improvised, or tried to, Starting out we had 2 christmas bulbs for the eyes :) and a cheeto for his nose and a few buttons for his tummy. Well, that didn't exactly work for our good 'cause the cheeto wouldn't stay in his face, and the lights wouldn't either(see the pictures) so we had to change him up a bit but we got him built. I thought he was cute, but others may have a different opinion.
We had so much fun so it was hard to pick a few pictures so I ended up picking quite a few to share.
The Woo-hoo we got snow pose?....Naw not really, she's just having fun. Mmmmmm...... snow I have an idea....let's build a snowman. Here is the beginning of her snowman. The cheetos for the nose...... The green eyes.......oh, and scarf and arms...... He's done!!!! Uhhhh-hummmmmmm.....He's about to loose his eye? Better try again Replacing the eyes with buttons...... Ooops....gotta borrow a button from his tummy to finish his face :) There now..... all done. Brianna's cool little man. He's small, but cute Ahhh... The finished snowman......2 button eyes + 1 button nose+ a cheetos mouth, and two buttons on his belly. Ok-so it wasn't as creative when it was finished but it did hold together, and he was a right handsome man. :) They had a cute snowman at Chili's today too. Yes, she really did eat the snowball..... And she really caught snowflakes on her tounge..... Catch a falling.........Star? Nooooooo..... SNOWFLAKE !!!!! :)
Ready....Set.......Hurry, take the picture! We just had so much fun, it ws hard to stop taking pictures!
Thanks for sharing our day with us, even if it was only through pictures. I always have so much fun taking pictures and Bree just makes it so very easy for me. Your comments are always welcome. Ya never know, you might just have that pointer I need to take better photos next time.