Saturday, February 27, 2010

hello again

Ohhhh...I have definately neglected this poor lil blog for way too long. But for today..a new post...simple...short...but a blog post.
Currently I am home for the next few weeks still with a broken wrist and cast above my elbow, which makes it difficult to do a lot of things{like fix my hair and take pictures...etc} so I have no new pictures to share. The ones I posted with this were taken weeks ago.
Our senior girls basketball team are in the regional finals and going to state next week...We are so very proud of them and their coach! Go Lady Warriors!
My mom has been very sick the past few weeks and is not doing very well at this time...She originally went into the hospital with copd , but has gotten worse over the course of the past few she is having trouble with her blood sugar staying too high..she is not diabetic, but they said it was due to the medicine she is on...Thursday her blood sugar was 567! With 4 doses of insulin they got it down to 134 but it was back up to 251 yesterday=(
All prayers for her will be much appreciated!
Thats about it for today....I can't wait to get this cast off so I can take more pictures! Should be pretty and springy by then!