Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lakeside with Bree

Brees favorite hat......
Okay...I finally got the lakeside pics edited. I don't know how she managed to keep from getting tired of me snap, snap, snapping but somehow she did. I love the ones on the little pier. I might have to go back over there again. I'm loving the snow but will also look forward to spring so I can get out and take more pictures!! Lotsa fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bree and her daddy...I hope she stays a daddy's girl :) Not afraid to hold her daddy's hand in public....that usually doesn't last forever....
**********Love this shot********** Something must have been funny, but I can't remember what :0 The boots Ohhh she is growing up so very fast!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

Yesterday Bobby, Bree and I went to the river and the lake to take pictures. I've been wanting to find some new places for picture taking(that aren't too far off) and these seemed to work fine. Not exactly what I was expecting. They have removed some of the rocks and things to make picnic and camping sites. How sad is that? Anyway we did finally find a few spots that were ok. Here are the ones from the river side. Still more editing to do with the lake pics. I don't think Bree ever got tired or at least she didn't act like it. She's a good sport when it comes to helping me practice.
Deep in thought? I wonder ???? Ahhhh soaking up some sun...... Like my hat? :) Havin' a little fun!!!! A wonderful way to spend an afternoon. If it's warm, that is......not too much on being out in the cold...which is odd since I LOVE <3 snow! It was a beautiful day!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Brianna turns 14 !!!!!

********* Here's our Birthday Girl********* She even has a birthday girl ribbon to prove it!!!!!!
Just a pretty smile from Candace!!!! Mmmmm Kayden loves Brees birthday cake!!! Here's our Joshy Boy !!!!! Beautiful !! I love this picture of Melissa(it would have been better if SOMEONE wouldn't have cut her head off!) Wade really was having fun.....I think :) Bree has been wanting these boots for quite a while so she got em for her Birthday. Poor baby was sick on her birthday :( She picked out this cake herself....Bright greens with her name in purple!! My little Bree............ Josh and Bree... she loves her big brother! And her big sister.. she also likes to pucker them lips in pictures too!! It was a good day for Bree!!!

Kayden at Grammy and Papa's

Our little Kayden had been sick for over a week so I didn't get a chance to see him much until Thursday so naturally when he comes to Grammies house he usually gets his picture taken. He has been playing with some riding toys Joy gave us for him and he enjoys them so much! When we push the music or sound buttons he gets so excited. Today he came over for a few hours while his mama and daddy worked. Here are a few of my favorites from this week.
This is Kayden when he came to see me for my birthday. What a wonderful gift. I was really missing him so I was very glad he and Candace came over. Love that smile! No smile, no toys, just sweet lil Kayden!!! Look at those eyes....awwwww Makes me just wanna hug him all over again!!! Here's Kayden showing off his new tooth and the one coming next....well, it looks that way...I really think he just threw his head back and I got a lucky shot!!! He's just learning how to play on the ricing toys. He is so much fun to watch, cause he gets so excited!!!
He is adorable :) :) :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Talk about your growth spurts!!!!

This morning I got to thinking about how much Bre had grown in just the past few months, so I decided to compare pictures. I found a picture taken of us in August when we were on vacation, and compared it to one Bobby took of me and Bre this morning. She has grown almost 4 inches since August!!! Isn't that amazing? She is growing into quite the young lady-quite the tall young lady I might add. Just wanted to share the then and now pictures with yall. Bree in August Bree now

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Grammy's Boy !

Over the Christmas holiday vacation, Kayden got to come and spend some days with Grammy and Aunt Bree. Of course we took pictures......This is one that I took and then played with the photoshop program a little. Wish he would have been smiling ....But.... he wasn't. He's still acorable to me though.

The original....... The crayon drawing...... I love SEPIA !!!!