Sunday, January 6, 2008

My friend Jessica

Today my friend Jessica gave me permission to post some of the pictures I took of her family a few weeks ago. She is such a beautiful possitive person. She is a stay at home , homeschooling , hardworking mom. I don't think I have ever seen a mom(working or not) that put's so much time and energy into teaching her children. I have her two sons Jathan and Jared in my Sunday school class. They are so sweet and wow are they ever smart!! I love how we both adore our husbands and always miss they terribly everytime they go out of town, or even to work. You don't find that to be the case with everyone. Me and Bobby both enjoy having friends like James and Jessica.
Look at those smiles.

*********The Fox family*********

They are such a beautiful couple!!!!!!

Don't you just love this expression? So serious but so adorable!!

Jared is such a doll...I love how he becomes attached to things. He said this little lamb needed him : ) Isn't that sweet?

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Charin said...

Aww! :) You did a great job on their pictures! And you are right about Jessica, she's a great Mama!