Sunday, January 20, 2008

Talk about your growth spurts!!!!

This morning I got to thinking about how much Bre had grown in just the past few months, so I decided to compare pictures. I found a picture taken of us in August when we were on vacation, and compared it to one Bobby took of me and Bre this morning. She has grown almost 4 inches since August!!! Isn't that amazing? She is growing into quite the young lady-quite the tall young lady I might add. Just wanted to share the then and now pictures with yall. Bree in August Bree now


Charin said...

She is getting so tall! :) She could be a model :)

Charin said...

Hey Crystal! :)
I am sending a box of baby food to Church with Jessica tonight, hopefully Kayden can use it. My little Katie cake has decided that she is too old to eat baby food! Makes me a little sad. :)