Saturday, January 26, 2008

Brianna turns 14 !!!!!

********* Here's our Birthday Girl********* She even has a birthday girl ribbon to prove it!!!!!!
Just a pretty smile from Candace!!!! Mmmmm Kayden loves Brees birthday cake!!! Here's our Joshy Boy !!!!! Beautiful !! I love this picture of Melissa(it would have been better if SOMEONE wouldn't have cut her head off!) Wade really was having fun.....I think :) Bree has been wanting these boots for quite a while so she got em for her Birthday. Poor baby was sick on her birthday :( She picked out this cake herself....Bright greens with her name in purple!! My little Bree............ Josh and Bree... she loves her big brother! And her big sister.. she also likes to pucker them lips in pictures too!! It was a good day for Bree!!!

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