Monday, January 28, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

Yesterday Bobby, Bree and I went to the river and the lake to take pictures. I've been wanting to find some new places for picture taking(that aren't too far off) and these seemed to work fine. Not exactly what I was expecting. They have removed some of the rocks and things to make picnic and camping sites. How sad is that? Anyway we did finally find a few spots that were ok. Here are the ones from the river side. Still more editing to do with the lake pics. I don't think Bree ever got tired or at least she didn't act like it. She's a good sport when it comes to helping me practice.
Deep in thought? I wonder ???? Ahhhh soaking up some sun...... Like my hat? :) Havin' a little fun!!!! A wonderful way to spend an afternoon. If it's warm, that is......not too much on being out in the cold...which is odd since I LOVE <3 snow! It was a beautiful day!!

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Charin said...

Those are so cute! :) I love her shirt :)