Friday, May 14, 2010

Once again I am so far behind on blogging and lots of other things....this time of year{end of school year} is so crazy busy here...I am beginning to think all of the business just runs together to make a full year now...we have been in softball season and all the end of school year doings plus this year was Brees first prom....{so sweet} Soooooo now I'm gonna combine several things in one blog since I'm such a Blog slacker.... Mr. Kayden on Mothers day at my sisters house.....I love this and he's not even smiling or looking at the camera, just being himself =) Sweet brother /sister picture...they are so cute together...Kayden was so excited to learn that his sister learned to walk while he was at his daddys.
Love that lil leg hiked up there on miss Jaycie!
Sweet Momma * Daughter on Jaycies first mothers day
well, the expressions are not exactly what I wanted but I did get a picture...can't complain too much! Kayden loves to fill up my bird feeders so he was enjoying himself....
love my lil flowers....anything that grows in my yard that is not an ugly weed is very much appreciated...I do not have a green thumb, but God decorates my yard for me sometimes =)
Love my birdhouses!
what child doesn't like these things!
almost done! Ohhhh and here are a few shots from before prom of Bree and her boyfriend Dalton I am in love with the barn behind them!
love to play with pics on picnik......
Ok, that's all for now....and most of this is already on my facebook but wanted to update on here also .....summer is almost here so maybe I will have more posts to share then.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend....stay's been raining like crazy here!