Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oh What A Beautiful Day.....

***Not sure what this look is. but it worked***
Oh What A Beautiful Day.......
For taking pictures that is...... Bree and I went looking for new places to take pictures today. Kinda worn out on the usual spots. I wanted to go out by the lake but there is still so much ~~WATER ~~ J!! Anyway we really didn't have much luck in the direction we drove, but we did get a few pictures at a couple of spots. Not exactly what I was looking for but I was to * CHICKEN * to ask if I could take pictures at this adorable old barn we found. Next time maybe I will take Bobby [my knight in shining armour :) ] He's braver than I am about asking people things. I know I share a lot of Bre, but bless her heart she is a willing subject for me to practice on--ohh--and she also loves to have her picture taken of course.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Ahh-Haa....I've been trying to work with the texture thing using some freebie textures from flickr sites. Here are a few pics I did using them......
I used a scratch texture for this one...... I used a scratch texture and a weathered wood from free range stock-flickr This one is with the music texture by Angelique at
I used 2 textures on this one. one was from lmkemper(awesome photographer) the music texture again by Angelique... Just changed up the color a bit and added text..... Here is Bree again using the scratch texture. This has been a fun new experience for me.....maybe I'll play with it a little more and see what happens......

Textured photos.....

Okay---I'm playing around with a little bit of texture stuff here , but I'm not altogether sure I know what I am doing. Somehow my pictures just don't seem to be doing what I want them to do.....but here are a few that I've done so far.....eehhhhh.....I'll keep working on itI used the scratch texture from Haley Austin's photostream on flickr here........ I took this one of Bree yesterday ....we were trying to get Kayden to play with the bubbles for some cute shots, BUT....he was more interested in just playing and running than having his picture taken.....
I also used the same texture with this picture... You can see more of Haley Austins awesome work here:

I wanted to share this one of Kayden wearing his papa's boots, and Aunt Bree's hat......He couldn't move in those boots, we just had to drop him in and hope for the best......what a good lil sport he was huh?

I am not real sure what texture I used here. Kind of a trial and error thing probably....:)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I know I've been posting a lot of Kayden and Bre, but we are on summer break of course and we have had our little Kayden over to play all this week. He likes riding on the mower with Bree, riding in the wagon and taking walks in his stroller or anything else that has to do with outside.....normal baby stuff!!!
***He thinks he's driving *** ***He really does*** *** he really is *** ***Whew....that was hard work....gotta take a break*** The next two pictures have nothing to do with the other ones. We got these shots of the moon on our way home from ball practice last night . ***Awesome full Moon*** ***It was really dark and even photoshop could'nt brighten up the tree line***

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Through My Eyes

***Bree's picture***
( I like the way she captured the water droplets hanging on the blade of grass)
My little Bree has decided to create her own blog page "Through My Eyes" to share some pictures she takes. She loves taking pictures of outdoor things and also "Self Portraits" :) I added a link to her new blog page on the right if you want to take a peek from time to time. Have a Beautiful Tuesday!!! The weather is awesome!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Black & White Monday

This is a "I just felt like doing black & white pictures" kind of Monday......
Bree says she didn't even have her hair done when I got these, but I liked it just the way is was.....
She is actually lying on a tree branch in the front yard....glad she has good balance........ looking off into.........ummm,...... the neighbors yard :) ****Whispy bangs**** *****tender toes*****
"Have a Wonderful Monday"


This morning Kayden found a Kee-Kaat(as he calls it) in the yard. I'm sure it belongs to one of our neighbors and it was very friendly. I got a few shots of Kayden playing with his new friend, the kee-kaat. >'.'<
The pretty kee-kaat....... >'.'<
Kayden got tickled when the kitty swished his tail in his face.... >'.'< Ohhhh.... soft kee-kaat...... >'.'< oooh....scratch behind my ears....... >'.'< Soft kee-kaat tail....... >'.'< Okay can let go now...... >'.'<
And wouldn't you know...when I brought the camera back in the kittly laid down beside him. sweet. >'.'<

Friday, June 13, 2008

So much fun........

*****BLUE EYES *****
I got a few pictures of Bree and Kayden playing today. These are little counting chips that I bought from a yard sale on the next street over. He had so much fun pouring them out and putting them back in the container. I forget sometimes how easy it is to entertain little ones. I also forget how busy they are and how short their attention span is, so he was soon off to play with someithing else, but he did keep going back to the colorful chips. I also wanted to get some pictures of him with his little hat on. He does NOT like hats so this was unusual that he kept it on as long as he did. sugar from Bree....... love them lil eyes...... happy baby......... what an innocent look......I love it!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weekend games......

We had a very busy Saturday last weekend. Bree had tournament games all day.
Needless to say it was very hot and humid and most everyone got burned somewhere even with sunblock on. I was told I look like a real redneck now since I forgot to put sunblock on my neck and that's where I burned. Not sure why I forgot to use sunblock on my neck but you can be assured I probably won't forget it the next time.
The girls did great as far as playing. They didn't win any of the 4 games they played ,but they played well I thought. They are still all winners to me. That takes a lot out of you being in the sun and playing ball games all day.
Here are some pics from Saturday.
Okay...I loaded these backwards so she is now on 1st base before she bats.... Batter Up...... Bree on deck........waiting to bat....she love's that orange bat.... taking a break in between games...... Centerfield......... Still waiting ......... Motrin break......too much sun I think.......