Friday, June 20, 2008

Textured photos.....

Okay---I'm playing around with a little bit of texture stuff here , but I'm not altogether sure I know what I am doing. Somehow my pictures just don't seem to be doing what I want them to do.....but here are a few that I've done so far.....eehhhhh.....I'll keep working on itI used the scratch texture from Haley Austin's photostream on flickr here........ I took this one of Bree yesterday ....we were trying to get Kayden to play with the bubbles for some cute shots, BUT....he was more interested in just playing and running than having his picture taken.....
I also used the same texture with this picture... You can see more of Haley Austins awesome work here:

I wanted to share this one of Kayden wearing his papa's boots, and Aunt Bree's hat......He couldn't move in those boots, we just had to drop him in and hope for the best......what a good lil sport he was huh?

I am not real sure what texture I used here. Kind of a trial and error thing probably....:)

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