Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Grammy can laugh!

As a Grammy, I found this to be quite funny! Kayden hit his momma in the face...not sure if he really meant to but he did hit her and the conversation went like this:
Candace: Kayden...don't hit mommy in the face
Kayden: says nothing
Candace: {dissapointed}what do you say when you hit somebody in the face?
Kayden: {so innocent} your welcome
And I just had to laugh!!!! Cause it was funny! But not to his mommy.......

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well, three weeks down and 3 more to go before I can get this cast off...I will definately be ready to get out and take some new pictures...PLUS I'm hoping the weather is all warm and sunny by then!
Our lady warriors didn't win at the state tournament but they played a good game! WE are still so proud of them for making it as far as they did....and now basketball season comes to a close
This Friday begins the new softball season for Bree.....she is ready for it I think...she likes basketball but LOVES softball ~~~~so do I!
My mom is doing so much better this week...last week the doctors just didn't give us much hope but people prayed...God heard and answered for that we are so thankful!
Today is my fun, play with Kayden day! I enjoy those days =)
And once again I am missing Colorado terribly bad...we are hoping to visit there again this summer...we'll see though.....and since I have no new pictures to share today I'll post some of Colorado!