Friday, June 22, 2012

So much for trying to be a better blogger...last post was in 2011!!!! Yikes!!!
Tomorrow is the BIG day for my little girl....Brianna is getting a wonderful man who loves the Lord as much as she does! Church is decorated...well upstairs anyway...the basement will be tonight after rehersal......she will be a beautiful bride I know...and tomorrow will be a very happy sad day for me.....just a little selfish on my part....hard to imagine not having my baby at home anymore.....
Then on Monday ....bright and early....or just early, the sun won't even be out when we leave for vacation in Colorado!!! We are super excited to be able to even get a vacation this year.....
And......then shortly after we get home from vacation we have a new grandbaby due to arrive....his name will be Korbyn Ryder.....Kayden and Jaycie love him already so I know they will be good big brother and big sister to him....
well that is all for now....maybe I won't wait so long between posts.....but no promises!!!
Dalton and Bree

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A few updated pictures of the family....been a while since I posted any.......
Ohh my, looks like I really need to update my blog.....while scrolling down I realized the last time I updated pictures of family was last Christmas......My grandbabies have grown so much this year,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Okay so the repaired computer was very short lived ....the mother board went out on it or whatever a mother board does...anyway it quit!!! Sooooo here we are with a new computer....which we probably needed anyway. I also had to get a new editing program since my other one was for the older model computer....just in time to do some senior pictures of Bree and take grandbaby pictures =)..... Fall is definately here...and as usual my favorite season of all....I love the colors!!! And along with fall comes Thanksgiving....which is ALREADY almost here....yikes! just one more week.....then bring on the Christmas shopping!! someone that Bobby knows gave him tickets to a Razorback game so we are also going to get to enjoy our first Razorback game next weekend....we watch our schools teams play but this will be our first college game I think...should be lots of fun....Bree would probably like it better if it were for the lady Razorbacks but hey for free tickets...any of them will be just fine! Our little Kooper is having a birthday this week...Already where does time go? He is adorable as always....I got to keep him for a while today so Kayden and Jaycie got to enjoy him too.... work will come early in the morning and I still have things to do so computer play time is over for tonight....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

School time....Work time

School has finally started here so it's back to work for me....I love seeing all the children.... Bree is a senior this year so that alone should make for a very busy next few months....and our lil Kayden started pre-school this year....he enjoys it but I think he probably still misses his friends from day care. Bobby bought a motorcycle!!!! Yikes!!! It's a honda Goldwing..something he has wanted for a very long time.... He loves it......I love that it makes him happy! Don't really have a desire to ride it yet though. My computer has been at the computer doctor for a very long was way bad cluttered and needed some things replaced ....AND... now I have it back so as soon as we get it hooked back up and running maybe I will be able to load some new pictures on here....the grandbabies have rown so much since my last pictures I put on here.... Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

While checking my e-mail I found I had had a few comments left on my blog...which is kinda surprising considering I have not been a good blogger the past year...Sooo when I checked it I was very dissapointed to find some tacky comment that wasn't even a comment really...just someone advertising a dating thing....So then I logged on to change my comments thing to where not just anyone could leave any kind of comment and I will get to look at them first which is kinda sad that I would have to do that but I don't want anything like that showing up on my blog if I can help it But while checking my blog I realized that I haven't even blogged this year yet and we are now in MARCH!!!!!! How crazy....this year is already going so fast... I thought our computer had crashed because I douldn't get it to come on but then after about 3 weeks it decided to work again BUT is much much slower and I can't download any pictures on it for now because it would take forever so until I get this one fixed or get a new one I can't post any new pictures. =( This weather is so very nice and makes me so ready for spring....and I am normally a bring on the snow kinda person but for some reason this year Spring sounds so wonderful! Hopefully we won't have to wait long.... Our Lady Warriors had a very good season this year....Conference and district champs and were able to go on to State tournament. Didn't bring home a trophy in State but I am so proud of them for playing so well and making it as far as they did!!!! They truely are a great group of girls!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

As this year draws to a close I just keep thinking wow...that went by quick...seems like these years go by faster and faster! Yikes!
We have had so many things happen this year...some good, some bad,
and some that still make me sad when I think about them...but through it all I have found God to be faithful and I am so grateful for all the prayers he has answered for us...I found myself wondering a few times if our prayers would be answered but when we least expected it...the answers came. Not always how we would like for them to but neverthless, the answer came.
We were once again blessed to be able to take a vacation out Colorado, my favorite place to visit...we found a new little town that we had been wanting to go to for several years now...Creede....and we loved it, so we may try to revisit there again...but Estes Park is also on our list....I think we REALLY love that town and the RMNP!
Bobby and I have both been blessed in that we have been able to keep our jobs when so many others have not been as fortunate...sometimes I think we take things like that for granted.
I am very thankful to have my mom still with us...she had a rough couple of months to start this year with and the Doctors said to call the family in...which we did, and my aunts and uncle came in as well as my sister from Nevada....but God heard and answered our prayers and I am so happy to say she is still with us. Oddly enough, right before all this took place, I fell on the ice in front of our house and broke my dr. put me in a cast all the way up my arm so I couldn't work and I was off for 6 weeks and was able to spend time with my mom while she was in the hospital...if I had been working I wouldn't have been able to do this...I say often " we don't see the big picture that God does" He knew I would need that time to be with my mom and made the way possible.
So this year instead of the usual things I always put on my{new years resolution} "to do list"{which I rarely ever get done} I pray that in the coming year...I will try my best to be a better Christian, a better witness for Jesus to others, a better wife, mother, Grammy, aunt, daughter, sister, and friend...and to also try to be so much more thankful for all the blessings I recieve on a daily basis!
Have a Blessed and Very Happy New Year Everyone!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Has it really been that long?

Once again I loaded pictures AFTER I typed....soooooo the pictures are posted first! Christmas picture 2010
Me and Bobby
Bree and Dalton....on their special day
The Awwwwww.....mament when he asked her to marry him!
And her reaction...of course she said yes!!!!
Bree on her last day having braces
Bree after braces came off....Just a little happy!!
Melissa and Kooper
Kooper and his Daddy
Melissa, Kooper, and Josh
Okay so I FINALLY got back to my blog... Yah I know I said I would be black to blog but somehow never made it back on here....I have by far probably been the worst blogger in the year of 2010!!!! We have been VERY busy these past few months but have news to share....
Kooper turned a big one year old in November....he is such a good baby although he has been very sick with ear infections and his momma has had a time with being sick herself....
Candace and her children moved back here and she has a new job which provides her a steady income for her and her family.... she has had a pretty rough year so we are happy things are looking up for her ....
Basketball season is off and running and therefore we are too! Our lady Warriors are doing well this season! And Praise the Lord Bree has not been hurt or on crutches this year.....
Bobby ended up getting cellulitus in his elbow{OUCH} which landed him in the hospital for three days and having surgery to remove the infection...he is healing nicely now and glad to get back to his normal routine which is busy.....
Bree finally got to get her braces off after wearing them for 26 months...needless to say it was a very special day!
A week before Christmas our daughter Brianna got engaged to a very sweet young man named Dalton...anyone who follows us on facebook probably already heard this happy news =) We couldn't be happier for the both of them...They are waiting until she graduates which will be 2012 to marry. I was fortunate enough to capture this very special moment!
We all had a very Merry Christmas....a very busy day...plenty to eat...but very blessed...
I am off for the week and trying to play catch up with housework and laundry and hopefully get all the Christmas decorations down and start decorating for Valentines Day!
Well, that is about all for now...I would say I will be back soon to blog and hopefully so but with my blogging history this past year I will leave well enough alone for now and just say I will definately try to do better...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Promise I will be back to blog soon....but until then take a peek at this lil cutie pie...who just happens to be my sweet grandbaby Kooper!!!!
He's such a little darlin' !!! I'll post more of him and his Mommy and Daddy soon!