Thursday, December 30, 2010

As this year draws to a close I just keep thinking wow...that went by quick...seems like these years go by faster and faster! Yikes!
We have had so many things happen this year...some good, some bad,
and some that still make me sad when I think about them...but through it all I have found God to be faithful and I am so grateful for all the prayers he has answered for us...I found myself wondering a few times if our prayers would be answered but when we least expected it...the answers came. Not always how we would like for them to but neverthless, the answer came.
We were once again blessed to be able to take a vacation out Colorado, my favorite place to visit...we found a new little town that we had been wanting to go to for several years now...Creede....and we loved it, so we may try to revisit there again...but Estes Park is also on our list....I think we REALLY love that town and the RMNP!
Bobby and I have both been blessed in that we have been able to keep our jobs when so many others have not been as fortunate...sometimes I think we take things like that for granted.
I am very thankful to have my mom still with us...she had a rough couple of months to start this year with and the Doctors said to call the family in...which we did, and my aunts and uncle came in as well as my sister from Nevada....but God heard and answered our prayers and I am so happy to say she is still with us. Oddly enough, right before all this took place, I fell on the ice in front of our house and broke my dr. put me in a cast all the way up my arm so I couldn't work and I was off for 6 weeks and was able to spend time with my mom while she was in the hospital...if I had been working I wouldn't have been able to do this...I say often " we don't see the big picture that God does" He knew I would need that time to be with my mom and made the way possible.
So this year instead of the usual things I always put on my{new years resolution} "to do list"{which I rarely ever get done} I pray that in the coming year...I will try my best to be a better Christian, a better witness for Jesus to others, a better wife, mother, Grammy, aunt, daughter, sister, and friend...and to also try to be so much more thankful for all the blessings I recieve on a daily basis!
Have a Blessed and Very Happy New Year Everyone!

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anna said... respira leggendovi un'aria di serenità..Buon anno a voi dall'Italia ;) Anna