Wednesday, March 2, 2011

While checking my e-mail I found I had had a few comments left on my blog...which is kinda surprising considering I have not been a good blogger the past year...Sooo when I checked it I was very dissapointed to find some tacky comment that wasn't even a comment really...just someone advertising a dating thing....So then I logged on to change my comments thing to where not just anyone could leave any kind of comment and I will get to look at them first which is kinda sad that I would have to do that but I don't want anything like that showing up on my blog if I can help it But while checking my blog I realized that I haven't even blogged this year yet and we are now in MARCH!!!!!! How crazy....this year is already going so fast... I thought our computer had crashed because I douldn't get it to come on but then after about 3 weeks it decided to work again BUT is much much slower and I can't download any pictures on it for now because it would take forever so until I get this one fixed or get a new one I can't post any new pictures. =( This weather is so very nice and makes me so ready for spring....and I am normally a bring on the snow kinda person but for some reason this year Spring sounds so wonderful! Hopefully we won't have to wait long.... Our Lady Warriors had a very good season this year....Conference and district champs and were able to go on to State tournament. Didn't bring home a trophy in State but I am so proud of them for playing so well and making it as far as they did!!!! They truely are a great group of girls!

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