Thursday, August 25, 2011

School time....Work time

School has finally started here so it's back to work for me....I love seeing all the children.... Bree is a senior this year so that alone should make for a very busy next few months....and our lil Kayden started pre-school this year....he enjoys it but I think he probably still misses his friends from day care. Bobby bought a motorcycle!!!! Yikes!!! It's a honda Goldwing..something he has wanted for a very long time.... He loves it......I love that it makes him happy! Don't really have a desire to ride it yet though. My computer has been at the computer doctor for a very long was way bad cluttered and needed some things replaced ....AND... now I have it back so as soon as we get it hooked back up and running maybe I will be able to load some new pictures on here....the grandbabies have rown so much since my last pictures I put on here.... Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.....

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