Friday, March 7, 2008

Photo + Text =

Ahh...Another beautiful snowy day!!!!! What a wonderful week. Two week!!! I'm lovin' it!!!!!
Life is a Beautiful thing ....even without color Hmmmm...I've been asked several times before if I was going to start a photography business. My answer to that so far has been No...not right now, it's just a hobby. A very time consuming hobby!
But somewhere down the road , maybe sooner than later, or visa versa, I may do this for a business(a spare time business) Anyway while I was playing in Photoshop today, I came up with this for a future business card (if I ever need one). I also had the other one with Prop Me Up Photos on it but left off the phone number for the blog page version. Of course if I ever do start doing this for other people regularly there is a good chance that I will have lots of new photos by then and I will have to start all over again!!!
Thought I'd play around with some photos and add a little text to them. Makes for a whole new look sometimes.
Anyway, here are some of them I played with, adding text. Yes ,I know , I could have spent this day more wisely cleaning house, doing laundry(which I am) etc. But then I wouldn't be having this much fun playing with pictures .... right?
I love this one in color, but I absolutely LOVE black and white photos, so ther is one below in black and white!
Snowflakes make me happy too!!!!!!! My sweet little Bree....... She makes life beautiful for us........ And this one just says it all.......

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