Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Shower for Hunter ..........

Today we went to A baby shower for Bobby's sister Mary. This is her third baby and her first boy!!! Baby Showers are so much fun!!!!! Blankets, booties, onsies, I love it all..... and oooooh the smell of a baby(a clean one that is....not the dirty diaper part :) ) Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Lots of cutie pie little things out there for baby boys now. Here are some of the pictures from today.
Mary loves her baby...... see the heart? Just a beautiful shot of the mommy to be....... Crystal (Bobby's baby sister) and Samuel....... Love those eyes......... Reading shower cards........ Let the gifts begin..... camo is always good for baby boys....... Another one of my favorites......... Little Samuel........yep, thats a bruise on his little cheek, but didn't hear how he got it...... Another mommy to be in July, Teresa(Bobby's little sister) Baby gifts...... Oh....did I mention that my lil darlin Kayden was there too........ :) Is this not an awesome blanket? Wow I can't imagine how many hours of love and hard work went into making this beautiful blanket.........Can you guess the babys name? How about the day he's supposed to arrive? can never have too many ot those Here is Austin.... What a Q-T huh? This is bobby's mom. I never did get a good shot of her looking at the camera but I did get this one of her. What's a baby shower if you don't get pictures of the grandmas.....
Here is the great grandma and the other grandma and an aunt on Dustins side of the family... he didn't stay for the shower but he and Bobby came back after it was over and enjoyed snacks with the other men.
Miss Candace..... Miss Melissa He has such pretty eyes, and super long eyelashes The two mommies to be and sisters as well ....Mary and Teresa Lovin' the baby...... some more......just a few more weeks to go
Well, it was a really fun day. Always good to see family. We also got to stop by and see my mama who has been in the hospital this past week. Glad to see she was feeling much better. I also was scouting on the way there and back for new picture places. Glad to say I found some!!!!! Yeah !!New ideas are always nice. Now if I can only remember where they are when I get the chance to take Bree out. She had practice today so she didn't get to go with us. Spring will be here soon and I am so excited about getting out to take pictures when everything starts greening up again.

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