Monday, March 3, 2008


Ahhh...the joy of HOMEWORK!! Bobby is our math homework helper. I am NOT. Math is just not my thing. I can do the needful stuff(balancing checkbook, figuring out how much sale items are :), and increasing or decreasing recipes) but when it comes to all the letters and stuff in math problems then that's when you loose me. I have come to realize that children learn algebra and geometry for various reasons. one being that you may choose to become a math teacher, a scientist or pharmacist. The only other reason I can see for learning that kind of math is so that you will be able to help your children with their homework :). I took a few snapshots of Bobby helping Bree with her math a few weeks ago. I don't think Bree was as interested in it as she sould have been.
The tutor..............the student......... He is so good at figuring these things out usually and I'm so glad he can :) Somehow I think Bre is more interested in watching T.V. than she is in her math, what do you think? Sooooooo.......NOT interested Now he has her attention.... Bingo...I think she got it!

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