Monday, March 10, 2008

The imagination of a child....

I just like this particular reason why......I just do :) FUNNY.....This one reminds me of Princess Diaries, when Mia was talking to her mom about her first "foot popping kiss" huh-hmmmmm, this mama isn't ready for talk about that yet! **A girl and her shoes, what a great combination!!**
Yesterday we had like 15 minutes to get some quick shots before church. We had such a busy afternoon but since it was so pretty we really wanted to take some pictures. After editing and dolling this one up a bit, Bree says the one below is her Magazine cover :) What an imagination huh?
(When we were taking this picture, we overheard a little boy, probably 10 or 11, saying"I could pose like that" ) How cute!!! I don't think his mom let him though :)

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