Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wooo-Hoooo We got snow!!!!!!!

We got snow today and I was so excited!!!!! I love the snow! Last time it snowed, Bree and I were both sick so we didn't get to enjoy it so today I think we tried to make up for it. We took a lot of fun pictures, and even built a small snowman. It's different...... We didn't have any coal(and I wasn't about to dig for rocks) and we were minus the carrot for the nose but we improvised, or tried to, Starting out we had 2 christmas bulbs for the eyes :) and a cheeto for his nose and a few buttons for his tummy. Well, that didn't exactly work for our good 'cause the cheeto wouldn't stay in his face, and the lights wouldn't either(see the pictures) so we had to change him up a bit but we got him built. I thought he was cute, but others may have a different opinion.
We had so much fun so it was hard to pick a few pictures so I ended up picking quite a few to share.
The Woo-hoo we got snow pose?....Naw not really, she's just having fun. Mmmmmm...... snow I have an idea....let's build a snowman. Here is the beginning of her snowman. The cheetos for the nose...... The green eyes.......oh, and scarf and arms...... He's done!!!! Uhhhh-hummmmmmm.....He's about to loose his eye? Better try again Replacing the eyes with buttons...... Ooops....gotta borrow a button from his tummy to finish his face :) There now..... all done. Brianna's cool little man. He's small, but cute Ahhh... The finished snowman......2 button eyes + 1 button nose+ a cheetos mouth, and two buttons on his belly. Ok-so it wasn't as creative when it was finished but it did hold together, and he was a right handsome man. :) They had a cute snowman at Chili's today too. Yes, she really did eat the snowball..... And she really caught snowflakes on her tounge..... Catch a falling.........Star? Nooooooo..... SNOWFLAKE !!!!! :)
Ready....Set.......Hurry, take the picture! We just had so much fun, it ws hard to stop taking pictures!
Thanks for sharing our day with us, even if it was only through pictures. I always have so much fun taking pictures and Bree just makes it so very easy for me. Your comments are always welcome. Ya never know, you might just have that pointer I need to take better photos next time.

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Charin said...

Cute pictures Crystal! :)
I was snowed in yesterday with a cranky baby, so I didn't get any. :) Oh well, maybe next time!