Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love this about spring.....

Since we are now officially on spring break I thought I would post a few things I love about Spring..... I Love *Sunny days *Warm breezes *flower's blooming *butterflies *blue skies *lemonaide *kites flying *Easter *bright green leaves *picnics *long walks *sitting on my back porch *children playing{outside because it is healty!} *bubble blowing *egg hunts *birds singing *softball season *open windows *planting our garden *bright colors *Spring Break *bunnies *taking pictures *playtime with Kayden *yard sales

I'm sure I could think of plenty more to add to this list.......what are your favorite things about Spring?

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Jessica said...

Wow!! I love your new blog header and layout. :) You are SOOOOO talented. :)