Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday means.......

Wow, it's Friday already....funny how it seems like it took so long to get here again but seems like such a short time since I blogged about my last Friday. And not so funny how it seems like for the past 3 weeks I seem to get a Migraine on Friday afternoons. What's with that????? I'm definately not likeing that. Moving on..... Friday means...... *2 days off work{although I do like my job-I just love weekends} *catching up on housework {somewhat} *too much eating......:( {that is probably everyday} *longer coffee mornings with Bobby tomorrow :) :) *resting {somewhat} *planting a garden tomorrow{small one....very small} *praying for my garden tomorrow {seriously....I don't know how to grow plants well} *no ballgames for a few days *sleeping in till .........6 *reading time!!! I still love Fridays!!!!

Bree and Cousin Dakota

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