Monday, March 9, 2009

Lovin' spring like weather......

Ya have to admit...Saturday and Sunday were the prettiest days we have had in a while and even though it was quite windy, it was still so nice to be outside{and I'm not even an outside person} I did get to get a few pictures of Bree for spring or pre-spring. I'm gonna have to try to get Mr. Kayden out for some soon now that it is getting nicer{after the upcoming predicted cold front that is}'s my little girl :)
Definately a beautiful weekend!
I still have more pics to post, but didn't get them all edited yet, so more to come later{maybe!}


Jessica said...

What beautiful pictures!! You take such good ones... your "little girl" is getting too big. :) She is so pretty like her Mama. :)

Brandi Bee said...

She definately is born to model! Great pics love all the colors!