Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday....thank you!

Ohhh....another Friday.....I love Fridays! It has been one BUSY week!
But I did manage to...
*get the cookies made with my Wednesday night class at church and they loved them{so did our Pastor, Brother Mark }
*took Bree for her ortho appointment{ and her teeth are getting straighter and the gap is closing which makes her VERY happy}
*read lots of new blog posts!
*Reconnected with an old friend from highschool via facebook{who is now a pastor!}
*Got a sweet letter from my big sister in Nevada updating me on her family! I miss her!
*finished "A sister's secret" by Wanda Brunstetter {Amish novel}
*got lots of sugars and giggles from Kayden {his giggles are contagious} :)
*only had 1 migraine this week {until now} woo-hoo {very unusual }
*watched my husband take a night off working in the shop{priceless! and rare}
But now*******
I am looking forward to a little relaxing this weekend hopefully!
And... I really love going to Brees softball games! They have done well this year considering they have switched coaches and most of them are playing with girls they aren't used to playing with, but they have won all of their games so far. She has one this afternoon again ...... so I'm off to a chilly afternoon at the ballfield! I'll be glad when it warms up some.....{I did NOT draw this picture} Love this picture!!!!

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