Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Kayden

Today is Kayden's real birthday, but since he had 2 parties over the weekend he probably doesn't even know that even though we have wished him happy birthday over and over today. He just keeps saying Bir-day :) and then he tried earlier today to sing it {birrrrrrrrrr-daaaaaaaaaaaaay} lol! So funny!
It is so hard to believe that two whole years have passed since Kayden was born...He has been a most amazing addition to our family! I can't imagine what we ever did before him now. He brings such joy to our everyday life with his smiles , laughs and his energy! We are so very blessed to have him as our grandson. I am proud to be his Grammy! Here is Kayden yesterday at his birthday party and he loved this card that Josh and Melissa got him with wild Monkeys making all kinds of crazy noises. Here is our little Kayden one year ago on his first birthday. He has changed so much ! It's hard to believe someone can change so much in just a year but he sure has.


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Kayden!!! I hope that he has the happiest day. :) I can't believe that he is already two... where does the time go. :( Give him a birthday hug from us.

Charin said...

That's so cute!!! :) :)
Katie went around saying "Happy Dayyyyyy!!" for weeks after her birthday :) (She expected presents every day too! ha!)

Charin said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment! :) I need to get the cocoon and hats back to you...we're planning on bringing Colin to the school someday soon so we'll have to come by and see you. :) :)