Sunday, March 8, 2009

Finally accomplished something!

Wow! This has been a great weekend,even though I have missed our lil Kayden something awful! :( :(
I finally managed to get SOMETHING accomplished. Namely housework and laundry! I's exciting huh?
I did get to take Bree out for a few pictures Saturday but don't have many edited just yet but maybe in the next day or so.......
AND I have been wanting for quite some time to make a tutu for my little neices Holly and Kensie for pictures{well, I still have to make another one because there are two of them} and I finally got that made just today and a baby one also for my new neice Lilly, so hopefully soon I will get to get some pictures of them.
And....I am learning to crochet{ummm sorta} and I did kinda make a hat and a cocoon of sorts{still need lots of practice in that area} BUT I bought one and it is so absolutely precious!
And ...We had two wonderful church services today! We are really blessed with an awesome pastor and family.
I finally added some new songs to my playlist{you might have to scroll down and click on them though because I have several songs on it but I really like them all so I don't want to take any of them off }
And last but not least I did a trial run on a new recipe we are doing this week for our Wednesday night middles youth class...Old Testament Cookies. We looked up the scriptures last Wednesday night after our lesson to find the ingredients and I promised them I would try them first to make sure they were good before this coming Wednesday night so we would know if the recipe worked or not .
TEST RESULTS***I liked them, but Bobby and Bree did not like the cloves in them.
Here is the Recipe if you would like to try them yourselves{hint...if you don't like cloves you might want to omit that part of the recipe} And I did leave out the milk because I never put milk in my cookies. I also baked them on an airbake cookie sheet because I like them best.
Old Testament Cookies
1/2 cup Judges 5:25 {butter}
1 cup Jeremiah 6:20 {Sugar}
1 Job 39:14 {egg}
1TBS Judges 4:19-2nd sentence {milk} I OMITTED THIS BECAUSE IT DOESN'T NEED MILK
1 3/4 cups Leviticus 6:15 {flour}
1/4 teaspoon Leviticus 2:13 {Salt}
1/4 teaspoon Amos 4:5 -8th word {Leaven...baking powder}
1/4 teaspoon each 2nd Chronicles 9:1 {spices} Nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon
mix butter, sugar, and egg . Add dry ingredients. Drop by teaspoonful on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for about 8-10 minutes. Yummy
{to me}
Try them and see what you think.
I hope the children like them........
And I hope you all have a Wonderful week!

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Jessica said...

That recipe sounds like such fun!! I don't know how I missed seeing it... it must have been when I was feeling sickly, and it didn't show up on my blog page as your latest entry. Oh well, I will have to spend more time checking to see what other goodies I have missed. :) :)