Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Thoughts .....

Thought I'd share some happy thoughts for today.......
As always Kayden makes me happy.....while we do laundry...he enjoys playing in the basket. See it really doesn't take much to make little ones happy. How many of us are happy with laundry baskets? {Although I will admit...EMPTY laundry baskets do make me a happy} I think we could all find something Beautiful everyday if we try.....just look outside....God made a beautiful new spring just for us :) Spring makes me happy! {Borrowed from Homegrown Hospitality} I think I need this one on my fridge...... :) {borrowed from Homegrown Hospitality}
This one just makes me smile...I love it! This I need EVERY day! {borrowed from Homegrown Hospitility} And last but not least........ :)

I found this on a blog somewhere yesterday and thought it was just too cute!!! Definately fits in the happy thoughts catergory. Don't you just love children? They come up with some doosies!!

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