Saturday, March 28, 2009

Label fits us too.......

Here is another goody I found while going through tax reciepts. It's amazing{or pittiful?} how so much stuff ends up in our file cabinet meant for tax papers ! My mom gave me this at a family reunion several years back but it does me good to reread it from time to time and realize that everything children do is not always just their fault alone. The adults really have to take credit/blame for a lot of things that our children as a whole are doing today.
Label fits us Too.... We read in the papers We hear it on the air Of killing and stealing And crime everywhere. We sigh and we say As we notice the trend "This young generation Where will it end?" But can we be sure That it's their fault alone? That maybe a part of it Might be our own? Too much money to spend, Too much idle time, Too many movies Of passion and crime. Too many books Not fit to read Too much evil In what they hear said. Too many children Encouraged to roam By too many parents Who won't stay at home. Youth don' make movies, They don't write the books That paint a gay picture Of gangsters and crooks. They don't make the liquor, They don't run the bars. They don't make the laws And they don't buy the cars. They don't make drugs{well sometimes they do} That addle the brain. It's all done by older folks Greedy for gain. And how many cases We find that it's true The label "Delinquent" Fits older folks too! ~Author Unknown~
Okay***I'm done with tax prep and filtering through I'm all blogged out for today :)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

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Jessica said...

That is so true... I hope that we realize it in time to save the "next" generation. I hope that my grandbabies have a better world to live in than my children do, but I am afraid that it will keep getting worse and worse like the scripture says. In heaven... it will be different. :)