Sunday, December 14, 2008

One day closer to Christmas...

Whew...... I am zapped of any energy I might have had{hah!}
We have had the busiest weekend. Yesterday I took pictures for three families{that was fun!} and today after church we did a mad dash to and through Mtn. Home to pick up a few things before the promised bad weather gets here, and then back to church for the childrens Christmas party and play{which went very well I think...I was starting to sweat that one} Our sweet friends James and Jessica came and brought Jathan and Jared who agreed to fill in as our last minute missing wise men. They did such a great job and acted as if they had been practicing with us all along. I appreciate them and their parents so much! All of this made for one full full day and I am so happy we are one day closer to Christmas break{starts the 19th} and one day closer to Christmas. My lil darlin Kayden will be here Christmas morning and he will be so excited to see all the goodies he will be getting {like he's toy poor !}
In the mean time I will gladly take a large snow storm to snow me in and hope the city doesn't clear my road. I want to be home for a day!!! {to edit pictures that I have taken :)... how selfish of me huh?}
Here's a picture I snapped of Kayden and Bree making faces at him through the front door{sporting her morning Mulan hair-do :) }

And here is one of Kayden riding his horsie in front of the tree.

Hopefully I will get to post his Christmas pictures sometime this week, and also some of the others I got to take yesterday.

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