Saturday, December 20, 2008

An early Christmas gift......

A while back I had told Josh and Melissa that for Christmas I would like for them to let me take pictures of them since I don't have many of the two of them together...or seperate either , and they gave me just that. Last Saturday they met me at the park in the COLD wind to take pictures. They were such good sports and let me take lots of pictures. Can't post them all but wanted to share a few. Thank you Josh and Melissa for such a sweet gift.
Isn't that a sweet look? Snatching a little sugar from Josh....
How is it that the wind blows her hair just right for pictures and with either blows it over my head or to one side?{some things just aren't fair}
Melissa took time to dance with the Conductor.... and Josh took time to watch......
I had such a good time.... and now I have pictures to share of them.
Only a few days left till Christmas and I finally think I have all of my shopping done...minus a very few stocking stuffers, and boy am I glad because I do not want to have to spend another day in the crowded stores. And I am off work for two whole weeks! Woo-Hoo!
We had our WM holiday party last night a t Fred's Fish house and I forgot to take my camera to get shots of everyone having a great time! I also forgot it tonight when I went to Josh and Melissas tonight for his Birthday dinner. Maybe...just maybe I will remember to use it on Christmas Day!
Maybe I will write myself a note....:)
Ohhh...speaking of note, if you havn't seen the movie "The Note" you should see it*****it is so good*****

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Charin said...

Sweet pictures!! :)
I think I've heard Jessica talking about that movie too, I'll have to check it out. :)