Friday, December 12, 2008

Beautiful Friends.....

I love my beautiful friends"The Fox's". They are such sweet people. And......they let me take their pictures last Sunday afternoon! Take a peek.....they are even sweeter than they look in these pictures in person. :) I don't get to see them as much as I used to and I really miss that but I am so blessed to have friends like them , and their boys are adorable! The sunlight seemed to be causing a lot of shadowing.......I really need to work on learning more about the best times of day for outdoor shots.
Jessica is such a wonderful Momma!!!!!
And James is a good Daddy too....... These two are just a picture waiting to happen.....perfect posers!!
Aren't thay a beautiful couple?


Charin said...

Awww!! :) :)
You did a great job! I'm really impressed with you getting my sweet nephews to look at the camera, that's a chore sometimes! ;)
Beautiful pictures.

Brandi Bee said...

Wow these are great. I'm brandi jessica's sis-in-law. i love the white colored one. They are one cute family.