Monday, February 23, 2009

Wonderful Monday!

Today is wonderful Monday for me.....
Bobby is coming home today{actually I passed him as we were both going throuh Gassville a few minutes ago***still makes my heart flutter } Yay!
Kayden is coming home in just a few minutes{havn't seen his sweet lil face since last Thursday}
Candace had a safe trip to Kasies house and back{I worry when my kids**even the grown ones** get very far away from home}
Bree is finally feeling better after a week with tonsilitis...YUKKY stuff
Payday is this week and that always makes me happy.....
AND*****my migraine is going away{that's always nice}

{borrowed from Homegrown Hospitality}

Have a Wonderful Monday!


Jessica said...

I'm glad you had a good Monday. :) I know that you are so glad to have your "honey's" home. :)

Anonymous said...

That baby isn't a baby anymore.... he is getting so big, and HANDSOME, whooo hoooo!!