Monday, February 9, 2009


Saturday we went to my neices baby shower and the sweet handsome Jesse was there to offer his help. He was such a sweet lil thing helping where ever he could and even taking pictures of everything Lacey got at her shower. Now how many 15 year old boys do you know that are willing to do that on a Saturday for a bunch of oooing and awwwwing women? Then he let me snap a few shots of his cut little self. At least I think he let me....he stood there and I took pictures. We'll say he let
me =) !
I will have pics of the shower soon....Warning....they are not real great cause I wasn't feeling very well that day so I think I just took some and didn't focus on making them as nice as I should have{shame on Me!} I will post them soon, but wanted to share a few of my cutie pie nephew for now!!
I think Bree likes this one best.....
He is such a sweet Boy!!!

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