Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crazy morning!!!!

My husband must be the most patient ....calm man I know.
BECAUSE....... This morning I woke up at 4:50 with a MIGRAINE :{ (UGGG!) but I dozed back off a few minutes thinking I still had 10-15 minutes till it was time to get up.......I usually get up around this time..... AHHHHHHH...........The next time I rolled over to look at the alarm clock it looked like THIS !!!! And I need to be at work at..... I hate waking up late! But the power went off yesterday and when the alarm clock was reset it was set for p.m. instead of a.m. !!! But my sweet husband very calmly {while I was running around like someone set me on fire} managed to call my boss to let her know I would be late, make me a cup of coffee{which I only got about 3 drinks of} got me an Imitrex ready for my migraine, made Briannas lunch and started my vehicle......all so very calm- like, while I was ....... getting dressed in record time, putting on my makeup{which I'm sure looked like I got up late and just threw it on anyway}, straightning my oh so curly in the morning hair{even my morning ***went to bed with my hair wet and it dried crazy***hairdo didn't alarm him!} nothing! He is AMAZING!!! Is your husband that way? I could only hope to be so calm in rushed situations. For some reason being rushed or LATE puts me directly in PANIC mode! Have a wonderful panic free Thursday!

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Jessica said...

That is so sweet! You have an amazing relationship! :) Marriage is supposed to be like that, completing each other, making up where each other leaves off. :) That is so encouraging. That makes me want to try harder, to be a better spouse. :) I love the way you used the clocks. That is so fun!!!