Monday, February 9, 2009

My little Monday....

I am still home recovering from the {you'll feel much better} gallbladder surgery. And although I am feeling some better and getting around better {but slow} I really thought I would just bounce right back and be ready to go by this morning, but since that didn't exactly happen I had to take a few more days off work which makes me feel so very guilty because I know someone is taking up the slack for me.
So anyway, I am wisely/unwisely {depends on how you look at it I reckon} using my time off to rest, read , stalk blogs etc....and I am so excited that now one of my dearest friends Jessica has her own blog so now I can sneak off into her world and see what is happening. I miss seeing them so much! Today she wrote about Jathan and Jared{2 of my other favorite people =) } SUCH SWEET POSTS !!!They both are so absolutely adorable and even at such young ages they are the most compassionate little children I know of. Their mama and daddy have done such a good job with them. I have also been reading the book "The Parting" by Beverly Lewis. It is the first of 3 I think in a new series. I love reading Amish novels for some reason. I am almost done with it and somehow it always makes me kinda sad when I get to the end of one book until I start the next one. And just when you really get interested in the whole series of a certain characters life.......the whole thing ends. Why do I put myself through this? NOW.......since I am feeling somewhat better today I think I will cook my sweet husband and daughter dinner.{of sorts} They have really been such good sports to let Sonic, Subway, and McDonalds cook for them the past few days.

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Jessica said...

You are so sweet to us. :) Thank you for your sweet comments. :) I think that you have alot to do with Jathan and Jared's outlook on life. :) Being their Sunday School teacher definetely shaped alot of their views. :) You are the best Sunday School teacher I know. Thanks for that. I know you will be glad to get to feeling better soon. I know that has to be rough. You are always doing for someone else, that must be hard to have all those ideas inside you that your body isn't up to doing yet.:( I hope that it is soon. Love you.