Saturday, February 21, 2009

Terribly dissapointed.....

May I Vent a little?
I have subscriptions to two different wonderful photography magazines {Popular Photography & Shutterbug}, and a few months back I had a little card inside my Popular Photography magazine to get a year of Popular Photography and a year of American Photo for $14.99 {What a bargain right?...I need all the help I can get when it comes to learning about photography} I recieved my first issue of American Photo and how discusting it was!!! I couldn't even enjoy reading the articles in it and in fact never got to read even one page of the magazine because of all the nude pictures in it! I thought at first I would just fold over the page{s} that had pictures onit that I didn't EVEN want to see, let alone anyone else I knew .....but every few pages there was something that was either nudity or partial nudity . It made me feel ashamed for even ordering the magazine. Needless to say it had a total life span in my home of a few short minutes and that was including the time it took Bree to bring in the mail, it's few short minutes on my kitchen table till I found it and the trip to the TRASH CAN! I certainly hope next months issue will NOT be anything like this months. So just in case you were planning on running out to buy this months issue of American Photo, I could save you some time. It's Awful!

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