Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feeling a little Yucky......

Feeling a little yucky today. I had my gallbladder removed yesterday. It was only working 1% of the time which would explain my ongoing , almost never ending sick stomach. Now hopefully after a few more days of R & R I will be up and going again...minus the yuck. I have had the sweetest nurse taking care of me {Bobby} He has been wonderful! Makes me feel bad when others take care of me. I'm supposed to be doing that.
Kayden update...His new favorite movie is Cars...he loves Queen and Sabby{Lightnigng McQueen and Sally} and loves the part where it says I think we got us a nodder! so cute. He is still a cell phone addict. I have never seen a one year old who loves cell phones like he does. He loves to drink coppy{coffee} from a tiny coffee cup. His mama put a stop to that after he had 2 cups of coppy with grammy a few days ago and had tantrums all morning. I have to caffine is good for him. Too much coppy makes for a fussy Kayden. He has learned to open doors so unless its locked no place is off limits to him anymore. He loves setting at my Perter{computer} and typing...even if it's not on =).
He loves Mamy{Amy our pastors daughter}
He is such an amazing little thing. Candace said this morning he woke her up giving her kisses. How sweet is that?
Bree update.....she has re-injured her ankle or re-fractured it, one or the other....she is determined to finish out the season so we are hoping she can with a lot of tape and ice =(. She is growing up so much and her relationshop with God is growing also. She amazes me. The other day I had found out that she would have a ballgame Wednesday night(last night) Her response to that is "I can't go then...I have church"{now that does a mama's heart good to hear } growing more and more tummy wise. She still hasn't been able to see the Dr. yet...waiting on medicaid to be approved. She has felt the baby move...YAY! I keep telling her I want it to be a girl so I can put lots of bows and frills on her. Really I want to put her in a tutu and take her picture. Just doesn't look right doing tht to a little boy. I think she is going to name her Jaycie if it is a girl. No definate boys names yet though. Honestly..a boy or girl would be fine with me!
Josh and Melissa.....are gone on a birthday for Melissa getaway. That is so sweet. Today is Melissas birthday! They are stilll without power from the ice storm so this is a good time for a get away .
Bobby.... is still the sweetest husband in the world.....still having major back pain....and still as busy as ever. He will be going to Shreveprot La. at the end of the month for a BASS tournament{to work...not to fish}I will miss him so much. Don't like it when he is gone....EVER!
Ok...I am all updated I think, so now I'm going to rest somewhere else.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


Jessica said...

I hope that your yucky feeling goes away soon. It is no fun to "have" to take time off. It is much better to do it when you are wanting to. :) I am glad that you have such a good nurse to help you. He must have learned from the best. ;)

Can't wait to see new baby posts when he or she is born. I miss that...getting to see you as much. I am glad to have this way to keep in touch though. I love the name Jaycie.:) If the baby is as cute as it's brother, it will be beautiful!!

Charin said...

I hope you feel lots better soon!! That sounds miserable :(
Take care, get lots of rest! ;)