Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year's Resolutions ????

Have you ever wondered why so many people make New Year's resolutions? I'm not one for making them because I rarely would ever follow through with it I'm afraid. It seems like it's kind of a ***to do list** to me. Wow!!! I make those almost every day. Usually I make them so large that there is no possible way I could ever hope to accomplish all the things I list in a days time (of course I could...maybe...get more done if I would stay off the computer!!) Then what I don't get done goes on my next days to do list. Hmmm....sounds just like resolutions to me, except they get put off a WHOLE year. Anyway in light of our upcoming holiday and kinda keeping the tradition of resolutions I decided to make a New Year's To Do List : ) .
If you want to play along just copy and paste the 10 things on my 2008 to do list and go to comment and put it in there. Change the answers of course and put yours in unless by some small chance our goals for the new year are the same : )
My 2008 To Do List
1. Read my Bible and pray more-You can never do too much of these two things.
2. Eat healthier(I'm starting that on the 1st-no need to start before then)
3. Exercise more (walk-walk-walk)
4. Clean out the clutter in my house--uuggggg
5. Take some kind of photography course !
6. Learn to use my camera better
7. Read my camera manuels (doing this first would probably help with #6)
8. Paint my photography room
9. Be nicer to everyone
10. Take more pictures- Of Course!! : )
Yes...I am definately going to try to do these things. After all I have a whole year right?


rhonda said...

My 2008 To Do List

1. Read my Bible and pray more-You can never do too much of these two things.
2. try to read my bible and witness alot more
3. try to help others see there need for jesus
4. practice my mandolin alot more
5. work on not getting so upset when someone i know that is ready gose home to be with the lord

Charin said...

1. Be a better Christian. I could never do enough to show the Lord how much I love him, but I think that it would make Him happy to keep trying:)

2.Be a better wife.I need to listen more, let his heart talk to mine. You can find out more by listening than you can reading between the lines.:) I love him so much I want to be the best wife I can be.

3. Be a better Mama. My children deserve my very best. I want to have even more picnics in the living room floor, more days spent in our jammers, and make more cookie cutter shaped sandwiches this year. We have so much fun, and I am so blessed to be a stay-at-home-mommy. I have realized how fast these last few years have gone by, and I know that I need to savor the moments as they come.

4.Be a better Auntie. I need to send their packages off in plenty of time for their parents to get them for their parties. I wasn't tooooo late last year, but I really want to work on that. I now have ten nieces and nephews, so it will take a little planning:)

5.Be a better friend. I want to try to take more time, not to worry about all the little things that really don't need to be done, and enjoy each other more. (more talk-time, more fun together, and definetely more scrap-book time. We didn't do to hot last year on that one.:)
Jessica Fox

Charin said...

These are my new year's resolutions (not in any particular order.:)

to lose weight.

to be more organized.

to read my bible more.

to work on my photography.

I have lots of room for improvement in every area, though!:)