Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Christmas from Bree.....

Today Bree had the opportunity to shadow a photographer at the Wal-Mart Studio for a school assingnment. She LOVED it!!!!!!!! She got to learn more about working in a photography studio, and even got her picture made there so they could show her some of the things they do-(she wants to be a photographer whe she grows up~~~which is happening way to fast) I thought that was really nice of the studio to take time out to let her follow them around. ANYWAY when she got home she was still dressed up so CUTE so we took some Christmas pictures of her too. Our Christmas lights were not working so we didn't get to take any with them.(leave it to me to pick the bumm set of lights out of the whole store display)
A little kiss...... A little secret..... A little candy..... yummy! A little gift..... A little snowflake or two... And don't forget the Jingle Bell...... Merry Christmas from Bree : )

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