Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas with the Copeland's

Here are some more Christmas photos of our family...just added A rare photo-me and my girls...don't have many of these......... dessert is always good Here is our game of cranium~~~deep in thought Here's my brother in law Bill~~~very entertaining......... My baby sister Davida on Christmas day~~( she wasn't feeling very well ) Sure was glad to get to see her though. Little Jacob my nephew. He's a hard one to catch to get a picture of**he's super shy, but oooh so cute! Mama on Christmas day. My kinda day!! Jammies all day long......... Here's my ohh so cutie pie handsome nephew Jesse...didn't get to catch his brother Dakota or his daddy Rod to get pictures of them...maybe next time though! Here's my sister Vicki...... Got to see her at mamas house. Kayden's first ever Christmas dinner~~~~Mmmmmmmmmmm A yummy candy cane from Aunt Davida and Uncle Rod Pretty good candy Gettin' better Oh yaaaah that feels good on the gums~~Mmmmm Kayden loves candy !
This year we kinda did things different for Christmas. On Christmas eve we went to Bobby's mom and dad's house and had a yummy dinner, gifts and played the white elephant game. That was a lot of fun! BUT......... I forgot to take my camera : ( . I always take my camera but this time I guess I got too busy and forgot it. On Christmas morning we always read the Christmas story and pray first before we open gifts so then we opened our gifts from each other and then Josh, Melisssa, Candace, Wade , and Kayden came over and we had more gifts. Then we went to my moms to visit a while, then back home and the kids came over again to have dinner with us. WE also played Cranium again**what a fun game** Here are some pictures from our day...
Grammy and Kayden with some of his new toys. Papa and Kayden with his shape o toy rattle from Josh and Melissa Kayden opening presents My darlin' snowman that my sister gave me for Christmas This year Bobby read the Christmas story--WE take turns--this actually we do first, I just didn't download the pictures in the right order. A muzzleloader pistol for Bobby**He was a very good boy this year... : ) A pink camera for Bree... Just what she wanted! More presents for Bree ... she got lots of goodies! A jacket from Brianna Makeup from Aunt Vicki for Bree Even though it was a very busy time ----we are blessed. Wonderful family and friends...beautiful healthy children.... a place to call home... An unselfish Savior who made it all possible !

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