Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kayden and Papa

Kayden and his Papa are good buddies. He has brought so much more joy to our lives. We were already blessed with our children and their spouses but a baby has a way of stealing a persons heart all over again. Here are some pictures of Kayden and his papa. The first ones were taken today after church. Kayden loves to watch Brother Mark preach, and we love to take him to church with us. The playful ones were taken a few days ago when Bobby came home from work. Kayden was excited to see his Papa.
Shhhh....let the baby sleep Just had to get another one of his darlin toes. They're 9 months old now. Now here's a Kodak (or in my case Canon) moment...They slept like this for about 2 hours. Just too sweet not to have a picture of. Kayden does NOT like socks. He was in the process of taking this one off while I was taking the picture. Even if he can only take one off he's happy. I guess his lil piggies have to breath. Kayden loves playing patty-cake. The roll em up part is his favorite. Ahh... now the fun begins. I think they're both enjoying this........ Papas blowing zerberts on Kaydens belly. I love to hear him laugh!!!! He's a busy little fella but OHHHHHH so much fun....We love every minute we have with him. We are blessed!!!

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