Sunday, December 23, 2007

Josh turns 23 !!

Last night we had Josh's birthday party for his 23rd birthday. Nothing big and fancy just dinner , gifts, and cake,pie and ice cream~YUMMY! It ws a lot of fun. We also played the game Cranium . I had to spin around 10 times with 4 frogs on my head without dropping them. I made it but after about the 4th spin I was getting dizzy. After the 10th one I was walking very wobbly. Here are some pictures of my baby boy opening his gifts and having cake and ice cream.

Shirts from Bree and Candace Peek-A Boo Kayden Kayden and Papa Bree Yummy cake and Ice cream ~~Joshy Boy Josh and Kayden~~~A car vacume cleaner Happy Birthday to Josh~Yummy-Yummy!! Lucky You Cologne from his sweetie Melisssa A ps2 game-ATV racing~~~~Arrows for his bow

That's all for now.

Happy Birthday Joshua !!

December 24th 3:49p.m.

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