Monday, December 31, 2007

Sharing some of my favorite 2007 pics

In watching the news and other programs today it seems like a time for looking back over the year and remembering memorable moments. I decided to do that with some of my pictures. This was tough to do seeing as how I took probably around 8,000 or so pictures in 2007. But here are a very few of my favorites I wanted to share that havn't already been put on this blogspot. It has been so much fun taking all these pictures and I'm sure Lord willing I will have more to share with you in the upcoming new year.....
This is Bree the night of the fair pageant...she looks so grown up Ohhhhhhh...even more so here..I'm glad she was blowing that kiss to me and not a BOY !!! Can you find Kayden...shhh he's hiding : ) ummm and eating the leaves : ) Awww this is definately a sweet one. This mama loves her baby!!!!!! This is one of Bre and her friends FEET.. I thought it was so cute....
This was one of my first inside shots I did with backdrops. It was Bres posing idea..I think she made a good choice. Grammy and Kaydens first photo together. He was only about 3 hours old here. Have teddy bear...will travel (to Grammy's) Got film???
I actually ordered all these used film canisters off e-bay(always look there first) from a photographer in Montana so I could take this picture. I loved it!!!
Kayden's a cowboy in the making...... Kayden and his lovey blankey Bree's mirror pretty Stop and smell the flowers..... Let's play ball !!!!!!
Hope yall all have a wonderful New Year !!!

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