Thursday, June 11, 2009

Look who's talkin.......

It kinda took lil Kayden a while to get started talking much but now he talks is so cute {most of the time} but he also can tell you where he hears things he says too ! When he says or does something not nice we tell him that was naughty so now that is one of his favorite things to say.....Grammy thats naughty....even when you don't do anything naughty; or he will ask "is that naughty?" when he knows he did something bad.
He also loves saying "Woman!!! gimme some gum!{thanks to Marcus =)} ," You hear me?", and "Is that funny?" He asks lots of questions and wants to know who everything belongs to! He'll ask " Grammy, is that Grammy's?" and when I say yes he says "Oh, thats Grammy and Kayden's?" He is so funny......he calls his Uncle Beau "Buncle Beau" {that is one of my favorite things to hear him say}
It has just been a LONG time since we had a little one running around so I guess it's all new again to me for him to say such things {or else I am just easily amused and entertained} but I do enjoy watching him grow and learn do do new things!!!!
He loves Jaycie in Mommy's tummy, but I'm kinda anxious to see if he still loves her when she is out of Mommy's tummy next week! We'll see!!!! =)
Thank you for bearing with me while I share some of my lil darlin's funnies!