Saturday, April 25, 2009

Youth "FUN" night....

Last night we had a "FUN" night with the youth from church! I think everyone there had fun!! Lots of games, lots of laughs, and lots of pictures to share........Enjoy! {there are a lot of pictures posted, none edited...cause I'm lazy today...just straight out of the camera}
This was our dog bone relay....yes real dog bones....these kids can move didn't take them long to figure out how to transfer the bones the quickest way..... Bree said they were gritty....YUCK!
And speaking of YUCK.....this was our spiders and other disgusting bugs{plastic of course} spagetti dinner. Sherri got the most bugs out of her spagetti in 30 seconds!!!
Amber is trying hard to gather her spiders......
Jared is just not sure about bugs in his food!!!
This was part of our pig snot{I know yuck again} game. Marcus wanted to share his with Amy...
{it was only cool whip with green food coloring and a chewing gum pigs tounge in the center}
Jason even joined in on the fun! What pretty teeth you have :)
Bradly got his hair gelled with the pig snot! He doesn't look to upset about it though!
Mmmmmm.....looks yummy huh?
Egg relay for the littler ones......
Marcus and Bree rush to beat each other filling their cups......
Rhonda had fun! Here she is doing jumping jacks. Way to go Rhonda!!!!
Looks like fun huh?
And this was too funny for words. The kids made Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwichs with their feet. :)
Maggie joined in on this one..... AND WON!!!!!!! Yay Maggie!!! Bradly really got into this game. He even tasted his toes! So brave!
OOOOPS! Time out for some sweet/ silly faces!
Here the kids had to unlock their partner by finding the right key{among many} hidden in the bucket of kitty litter. For some it was easy and some it took a little while to find the right key!
digging for keys........
Amy has faith that Bree will unlock her......she is texting while Bree finds the right key...... Shaneesa waits to be unlocked by her partner.......hurry Becky! digging for marbles in icy cold water{and slimy worms.bugs,rocks and peeking...only the marbles count! Snacks galore!!!! Yummy...yummy food!

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Jessica said...

That was so fun. :) The boys had the best time. :) I am not sure that I will ever be able to look at Cool-whip and pink bubble gum the same again, though. :) You took some really good action shots of everybody. :) Thanks for all of your hard work.