Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to You!!!

{these are Bree's glasses....on Bobby}
Today is my best friends Birthday! {Bobby } :) What a sweetheart he is! We have spent over half of our lives together! That makes me very happy :) We had all our children and children in laws for dinner and cake and ice cream{nothing fancy...just family}. We took him to Bass Pro yesterday to pick out his gifts{may as well get him something he wants right?} and we didn't end up getting to spend enough time in there because it was late when we got there but I think he enjoyed himself a little bit and then we went to Ryans for dinner.
Kayden was too cute trying to help papa blow out his candles and then after we took them off the cake he put some on his piece of cake. He really likes cream-cream if you can get him still long enough to eat it!

{not everyone can pull off a cute photo like this wearing your sunglasses upside down}

{Okay the pictures are mostly straight out of the's late ...I'm tired....and I need to go to bed but wanted to do this post right quick before I did}


Karla said...

Happy birthday to your hubby!!! glad you had a good time.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to him!!!! I loved the picture of the cake with the candles...looks like you guys had fun. :)