Saturday, April 4, 2009

Co-shee and Asher

Kayden loves drinking Co-shee {coffee-mostly milk :) } with his papa. Last week he brought his cup to him and told him he wanted some coshee. I just had to get a few pictures of him with his mini coffee cup setting at the table drinking his coshee even though he wouldn't hardly look at the camera for a good shot.
And then last night we puppy sat our grandpuppy Asher so I got a few pictures of him....He is so cute but boy, it's like taking care of a toddler. He kept us busy, but he is well trained. Josh has done a good job with him.
He has almost destroyed his new tennis ball I gave him yesterday already.
AWWWWW....isn't this one cute?
Playing again. He is definately in play mode most of the time.
Okay, now it's time to get my day started. Hopefully I will have some new pictures to post after today!


Charin said...

Those pics are all adorable! :)
Almost makes me want to get a puppy...but I think I better wait until I don't have two babies in diapers. :)

Jessica said...

Those are so cute. :) I loved the mini coffee cup... and the one with the puppy looking up with "puppy dog eyes".... James does that same look when he wants something. LOL. Who could resist?