Saturday, April 4, 2009

Did you know?

Yesterday at work we had no bake cookies{YUMMY} and all the ladies know that is one of my favorite all time cookies so after they dipped all 500 plus cookies there is always the stuff left in the braizer{huge pot!} so they scraped it and put the crumbs in a bowl and added a spoon and gave it to me! So sweet! So while trying to eat healthy{and failing miserabley} I call it granola!
After all granola has oatmeal right? So does no bake cookies.....Granola has peanut butter right? So does no bake cookies.....therefore it is in the granola catergory and must be added to the healthy food group. :) Now that's happy healty eating!
Then when I got home from work guess what Candace was making? Granola! AKA no bake cookies!!!! lol
I feel so loved :)


Jessica said...

MMMMMm. Sounds so good. I don't make them very often, because I tend to want to double the batch, but I did buy some this week from Harps.. I felt bad after eating TWO.... I love your spin on the health good granola.... I might just have to go eat ANOTHER one. :) Better yet, go make a homemade batch. :)

Charin said...

Those are Kevin's favorite cookies :)