Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Friday......

Wow, It seems like it has been a long week even though I only had to work 4 days.....I did feel much better this week than the previous 2 weeks but still having a yucky bout with fibromyalgia, and migraines. But all in all a pretty good week!
Bree is once again having major trouble with her ankle{that she broke last year} so we are taking her to the sports clinic in the morning so hopefully she can find out what exactly is wrong with it...I really hope it is not broke again but it sure looks pretty bad...she has been on crutches most of the week. We are having our church picnic tomorrow at the park so she will be missing part of that I'm sure. And just for fun I will throw this in.... Yesterday I was on my way to town and we got to the stop light just up the road and this is what Kayden seen

{well kinda, this is not our actual Mc D's sign}

And he said....Grammy! you see dem french fries? See dem fries? And so naturally we got him some fries and a Dop Pepper {actually a Happy Meal} from the french fry

Then.... His car seat is by Jaycies in the back seat and she started crying and he said Bree look at dis....and put his finger in her mouth and she hushed right up....he really thought he had done something big ! Yes I did make him take his finger out of her mouth, but she was probably enjoying the salt from his little french fry fingers!
I finally got all the pictures edited that need to be edited and now I am trying to clean up my computer some and get rid of lots and lots of pictures that are on it......that'll take a while!
Hope everyone has a Great weekend!!!

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Jessica said...

That is so cute about the french fries...makes everyone from babies to grown-ups happy. :) Thanks for sharing your story. :)